RB-07 Horizontal Longititudinal Sheath Stripper for 8-30 mm Cable

Item No.: RB07

 Horizontal Longititudinal Cable Sheath Stripper Apply for 8-30mm Cable 

The ratchet wheel in the symmetric double handle is used as the walking driving wheel to mechanically crawl on the cable. Compared with other stripping methods, the product is more time-saving and labor-saving, and the double-sided stripping of the cable sheath can be completed at one time to make the cable The sheath is naturally detached, which has solved the problem that it is difficult to fix and can not be clamped for the old tools during the cable strip. It has the characteristics of being able to be stripped at any part of the cable; at the same time, it has the ability to open the cable laterally, and the use is light and the blade is durable. An essential tool for uninterrupted cable stripping.

The function of the longitudinal stripping tool is to fix the cable in a certain length of channel, and adjust the applicable depth of the symmetric blade in the channel according to the thickness of the cable sheath. The symmetrical double handle is used to drive the tool to crawl on the cable, and the cable sheath is longitudinally symmetrically cut through the built-in blade to realize longitudinal stripping of the cable.

The horizontal stripping function is to fix the cable in a certain length of the channel. According to the thickness of the cable sheath, adjust the applicable depth of the single-sided blade in the slot. The unidirectional 360-degree rotation of the product enables lateral stripping of the cable.