RB5600 SM OTDR 1310/1550 32/30 dB

Item No.: RB5600
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Main features:
 The novel and beautiful structural design of the appearance.
 The most convenient operation mode in the industry is as simple as available.
 ultra-short event dead zone can test the wire jumper of the optical fiber.
 It can test the circuit with light and give an alarm, avoiding existence of the equipment whose signal light is damaged in the optical fiber tested.
 High-power visible laser fault location function is equipped inside.
 USB interface can transfer the documents and make the report forms fast.
 Universal light output interface which is easy to be replaced enables a variety of interface tests.
 The working duration of more than 8 hours enables long-time field construction.
 Multiple choices of wavelengths and dynamic ranges best meet the requirement of the users.
 Highly intelligent analytical software can accurately recognize the melting point 
The most succinct and direct operation mode in the industry
OTDR is equipped with the most succinct operation interface, which is specially designed for the users. With a simple and intuitive style, there are only 6 operation menus on the optimized interface. The operation is so simple that it is easy to acquire it without professional training. The unique dual operation mode of press key and touch screen among the similar products in the industry effectively simplifies the application of the users.
The independent and convenient one-click analysis function
OTDR is equipped with shortcut key of trace analysis, which can quickly and accurately find the event point or fault point and its position information of the trace tested. Then it will list all the information in the circuits, which do great help to the maintainers, improving the testing efficiency as well as ignoring the cumbersome background.
High test index
The tiny test dead zone and large dynamic range of OTDR can meet both the testing of optical fiber wire jumper and the long-distance testing field . It is of highest cost performance!
Automatic circuit is equipped with light alarm function
When OTDR is testing optical fiber link, the result will be inaccurate if there is communication optical signal in the optical fiber. Communication optical signal may even damage the optical receiver of the machine. OTDR can automatically monitor the communication optical signal in the optical fiber. Once the optical signal is detected, the connector will give an alarm, which provides the machine with a fastest protection.
High-power visible red light fault location function
OTDR built-in high-power visible red light fault location function can find the short distance optical fiber link breakpoint or the position of a big loss point conveniently and directly. Combined with OTDR function, it can enable a seamless monitoring of the chain and test, so that the maintainer can take measures in time and save time.
Universal light interface design which is easy to be replaced
The universal light interface equipped to OTDR is easy to be replaced and cleaned. It can enable tests for many kinds of interfaces such as FC, SC and ST.
High-efficient and flexible simulation software
The simulation software can analyze, edit and derive the data stored by instruments, and it can generate the complete and professional OTDR report in a convenient and fast way.
 Technical Specification:  
Optical fiber type Single-mode
Central wavelength
Maximum  dynamic range(dB) 32/30dB
Event dead zone(m) 1m
Attenuation dead zone(m) 6m
Optical interface FC / PC (Replaceable SC,ST)
Test range (km)    500m /1km /2km /4km /8km /16km /32km /64km /128km /256km
Pulse width(ns) 5ns / 10ns/ 50ns/ 160ns/ 320ns/ 500ns/ 1000ns/ 5000ns/ 10000ns/ 20000ns
Ranging accuracy(m) ±(0.75m+ Sampling interval +0.005%× Test distance)
Attenuation measurement (dB/dB) ±0.05
Reflection measurement (dB) ±3
Data storage ≥2000
Communication interface USB,mini-USB,10M/100M  Ethernet
VFL Output power ≥5mW
LS output ≥-5dBm
OPM +26dBm ~ -50dBm(Replaceable:+6dBm ~  -70dBm)
Power supply mode AC/DC Adapter:AC:100V ~ 240V,50/60Hz,0.6A;  Lithium battery:7.4V 6700mAh
Working temperature -5~50 degree
Preserve temperature -20~70 degree
Relative humidity 0 ~ 95% Non condensation
Weight ≤1.1kg
Volume 227mm×160mm×70mm