TK100 Optical Cable Identifier

Item No.: TK100
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TK100 series Optical Cable Identifier with its strong application function greatly shortens the time of cable repairing and maintenance; decreases the costs of project construction and management, and greatly improves the work efficiency.

Product Characteristics
1)It is small scale portable equipment with touching screen and buttons. It is easy to operate and learn.
2)It can find the target cable by loop back far-end knocking test with single fiber or single-double fiber.
3)Strong on-spot application capacity can meet the demands of accurately searching the target cable when looking over the directly-buried cable and pipe cables or cutting cables.
4)It can monitor the mechanical vibration conditions of the far-end cables.
5)It can locate the target cable through audio or visible signal in a comprehensive environment.
6)It can optimize the equipment parameters automatically, and is suitable for testing lines with different length.
7)It has VFL visible failure location port, which helps accurately find the target cable.

Application Scope
In the pipeline, channel, well and overhead environments, use single core optical fiber to accurately identify far-end cables;
 Machine room construction, pipeline reform, cable cutting and connecting, regular management, resource survey and on-duty & maintenance of communication operators.
 Technical Specifications
Model TK100-20/N TK100-40/N
Measurement method Single fiber test
Wavelength 1550nm
Min. output power of light source -15dBm -8dBm
Loss of one way cable1 5dB 10dB
Measurement 2 1distance 20Km 40 Km
Initial blind zone No blind zone
Signal to noise ratio >40dB
Optical fiber interface SM
Optical connector FC/APC
Displaying screen 5.6’ touch screen
Input model Touch screen LCD + buttons
Output model Visible: vibration amplitude(touch screen LCD), audio: sound (corresponding excitation intensity)
Power supply DC12V/3A
Battery Lithium battery (7.4V 10.4Ah), continuous work ≥14 hours
Power ≤6W
Volume(H×W×L) 65×150×235mm
Weight 1.5Kg (including battery)
Working temperature 0~45℃
Storing temperature -20~55℃
VFL visual failure location Wavelength: 650nm, output power (dBm): ≥-3, maximum testing distance: 5km
Guarantee period 12 months
Remarks: 1. add reflector at the end (reflected value > -3dB) to increase 5dB.
2. add reflector at the end (reflected value > -3dB) to increase 20Km.