Bench Top MPO Polarity Analyzer-RB-MPA5201

Item No.: RB-MPA5201
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Bench Top MPO Polarity Analyzer-RB-MPA5201


This MPO Polarity Analyzer is focus on the function to identify the polarity and on-off condition. Press one-key for auto scan which can realized the auto identify on-off or polarity (line-order) condition. This instrument provides the good solution for MPO/MTP product line, and semi-finished products inspection, and make work more efficient and high accurate. Use can customized for line-order measurement.

l Available for 12 cores, 16 cores, 24 cores, 32 cores, as well as other special cores measurement.
l Support SM 9/125, MM 50/125 & 62.5/125and other customized polarity analysis
l 7 Inches Color screen, with touchable function
l LC no need to take out dust cap when testing.

Product Model RB-MPA5201
Channels Max. 32
Fiber Type SMF:9/125; MMF50/125 or 62.5/125
Optical Output Connector   MPO 12/16/24/32 female
Optical Receiver Connector LC or MPO 12/16/24/32 male
Testing time 3S~5S
Communication Port USB
Operation Temperature -5+40 ℃
Storage Temperature -25+70 ℃
Power Supply AC9026050Hz
Size (mm)   350*340*220
Weight 6.3kg