RB01 Buffer Tube Jacket Slitter

Item No.: RB01

 Fiber Optic Tool Longitudinal Buffer Tube Stripper Cable Jacket Slitter

Loose tube cable longitudinal opening knife blade using super alloys specially made shar knife. Stripping the outer diameter of four specifications. The longitudinal beam tube stripping for outdoor fiber optic cable cutover time. Open center beam tube outer diameter have four choices for the top and bottom of the open-sided beam tube opening, easy to draw the fiber. Longitudinal stripping loose tube slotted four were adapted to longitudinal stripping

Product Name: loose tube longitudinal cable cutter
Product type: SLITTER
Four kinds of optical fiber loose tube size: 1.5-1.9mm; 2.0-2.4mm; 2.5-2.9mm;3.0-3.3mm. Light weight, small volume, easy to operate.