BD622 Inseration Loss / Return Loss Tester

Item No.: 56
BD-622C Insertion Loss and Return Loss Tester

BD622 Insertion loss and return loss tester gathered years of experience in production of optical passive components, optical communications instrumentation and testing experience .Fully draw on the advantages of the instrument at home and abroad, organized customers’ demand, devote themselves to research and develop  out the precision optical instrument. Widely used in optical fiber communication system research, project maintenance, development and production, it’s the ideal and essential test equipment by the majority of manufacturers, research institutions and operators.

1.Compact appearance, practical, stability, reliability, simple operation.
2.Super-accurate detection circuit of the weak signal, large dynamic range.
3. Dual-channel colorful LED screen.
  1. The IL & RL of 1310/1550nm can be showed simultaneously. 5 . Special light source connector, easy to clean.
  1. Foot switch function can be customize made to save data and print.
Model BD-622 C
Return Loss Tester Input connector FC/PC, 9/125μm
  Testing connector FC/APC,9/125μm
  Calibrated Wavelength(nm) 1310,1550nm / 850,1300nm
  Return Loss Measurement Range 0~ 75 dB
  Uncertainty 45~55dB,±0.5dB;55~65dB,0.8dB
  Measurement Accuracy 0.01dB
Insertion Loss Tester Standard Wavelength 850nm,1300nm,1310nm,1490nm,1550nm,1625nm
  Optical Connector (Power Meter) Inter changeable FC/SC/ST/2.5mm Universal /1.25mm adaptor
  Detector Type InGaAs
  Measurement Rang -80~+10 dBm
  Measurement Accuracy 0.01dB
  Uncertainty ±3%@1550nm 23°C±3°C
Light Source Operating Wavelength 1310,1550nm /850,1300nm
  Output Power -1.5dBm
  Stability 0.03dB@15min
  Output interface FC/APC
Power Supply AC 90-260V.50-60Hz
Operation Temperature -10°C ~+50°C
Storage Temperature -20~ 70°C
Humidity <95%RH
Dimensions 305*275*155mm
Weight 4.5kg
Standard Accessories:
   User Manual , Interchangeable FC/SC/ST connector, AC Adapter, PC software CD,USB cable,
Test report, FC/APC-FC/APC patch cords, FC/APC-FC/PC patch cords.