BD622 Bench Top Optical Power Meter

Item No.: 55
Bench-top dual-channel Optical power meter BD613B
    BD613B Optical power meter is latest developed desktop dual-channel optical
power meter: With more new functions. Apply for testing the loss of optical fiber, cable,
optical passive components; Optical fiber communication system construction and
maintenance. Advantages of accuracy, high stability, reliability, and cost-effective, is the
ideal choice for research, production and teaching. The power meter uses a low-noise
PIN photodiode as a detector, micro controller control, measure the power with different wavelengths 850 ~ 1700nm ; display linear, logarithmic display, relative value, which facilitates the customers greatly.
■ High sensitivity, large dynamic range
■ Universal connector: FC / SC / ST interface
■ Quick response, without warming up.
■ Automatic calibration function
■ Relative measurement of the ratio can be displayed
■ Large LCD screen and back light
■ Easy to operate
■ Small
■ Large Area
MODEL                BD613B
Wavelengthnm 800~1700
Detector Type InGaAs
No of Channels  Double
Photosensitive surface of the detector Φ2000um
Measurement Range (dBm) -80~ +5
Optical Connector FC/ SC /Φ2.5mm /Φ1.25mm
Standard wavelength (nm) 85013001310149015501625
Resolution (dB) 0.01
Repeatability (dB) 0.02
Weight (g) 4000